Cookie Instructions

TalisPoint uses cookies. We use the cookies to store session information for you to access our system. The cookies are not used for any other purpose like tracking your information.

Instructions to enable cookies for to following browsers:
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

      Google Chrome default settings
    • ... (at top right corner)
    • Settings
    • Type "cookies" in search bar
    • Site Settings
    • Cookies and Site Data
    • Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)
      Google Chrome strict settings
    • Block third-party cookies -- TalisPoint does not use third-party cookies and will work with it both on or off
    • If there are any blocks on TalisPoint cookies, remove
    • Add exception for TalisPoint cookies if you have global cookies disabled

      Firefox default settings
    • ... (at top right corner)
    • Options
    • Type "cookies" in search bar
    • Standard
      Firefox strict settings
    For Strict or Custom setting
    • Cookies and Site Data
    • Manage Permissions
    • Add all talispoint domains

      Microsoft Edge
    • ... (at top right corner)
    • Settings
    • View Advanced Settings
    • Cookies
    • "Don't block cookies" or "Block only third party cookies"

      Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • * (hex nut at top right corner)
    • Internet Options
    • Privacy tab
    • Advanced
      • First-Party Cookies: Accept
      • Third-party Cookies: any value (TalisPoint does not use third-party cookies)
      • Always allow session cookies: checked