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This provider locator tool is provided to assist you in locating participating health care providers.
The providers listed are contracted with Coventry and other top-performing networks under contract with Coventry.
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Please note that this is a general lookup tool and does not include client customized network configurations.
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Specific information related to CIGA's MPN.

CIGA's Medical Provider Network (MPN) Plan filed under the Division of Workers' Compensation Identification #0508 was approved in September 2005 and has been in place since the beginning of 2006. In 2008, after having a Plan modification approved by the State of California Division of Workers' Compensation, CIGA customized its MPN. This customization allows CIGA to add its own choice of additional providers to accommodate the unique claimant base of older claims with ongoing future medical care.

If you are an injured worker and want to access an MPN Fact Sheet, click here. To obtain a copy of the CIGA MPN Handbook/MPN policies in English, click here; or in Spanish, click here. To access the CIGA MPN Provider Search website available 24 hours a day: http://www.talispoint.com/cvty/cigampn. To locate a pharmacy near you in the CIGA MPN, click here.

Your MPN Contact is your assigned claims adjuster who can be reached at: (800) 847-9459. For Medical Access Assistance please call (888) 693-9296, available 24 hours a day. If needed, CIGA's FAX Number is: (818) 291-1863.

If you are a medical provider, CIGA invites providers of all specialties, as well as additional providers in rural and remote areas of California, to join the CIGA MPN. To apply complete a CIGA MPN PROVIDER SELF-NOMINATION FORM, click here. Download the form and email to: machildress@cvty.com. If you have questions, please contact CIGA's MPN Manager by email at: MPNManager@caiga.org

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